Xbox Live Avatars 2.0. This autumn Microsoft will present the substantially improved Xbox Live Avatars 2.0

Microsoft intends to present a substantially updated version of the Xbox Live Avatars 2.0 system that will enable gamers to create their “digital reflection” with the help of the Unity engine.

According to the demonstration, the resulting result will differ from the existing avatars roughly like Disney’s painted characters from Pixar’s modern cartoon 3D cartoon characters.

The principle of creating an author has not changed – the gamer could independently choose sex and body composition. The number of possible settings and options is greatly enhanced, and gamers will be able to fine-tune virtually every image.

The new possibilities are many: instead of limbs, the avatars can have dentures, and can ride a unicorn, ride a skateboard, ride a motorcycle, play guitar, and so on. All this, without talking about endless tattoos, piercing, hairstyles, clothes, glasses, accessories, costumes of favorite artists or heroes, and more.