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Trains delayed through Montreal-Toronto corridor due to high water levels

At least four VIA Rail passenger trains experienced “some significant delays” throughout the day Friday, Jun. 23, with a number of areas experiencing high water levels along the tracks, according to both VIA Rail and CN Railway.

Via Rail said four trains of their trains were stopped due to tracks being flooded out near Kingston, but, by 1:15 p.m., those trains were back in motion.

“Two tracks had to be cleared,” said Mariam Diaby, senior advisor of media relations for VIA Rail.

“Everything is back up and running with some delays and some significant delays.”

However, despite some reports that the Montreal-Toronto corridor was closed, that was never the case, said Patrick Waldron, senior manager of media relations for CN.

“First of all, let’s clarify, there’s areas of high water along the tracks between Belleville, roughly, and Toronto, in various areas, spread all over the corridor in various locations,” he said.

“I’m not saying the trains weren’t stopped, because as trains are going at slower speeds, sometimes passenger trains can catch up to freight trains,” Waldron continued.

“But the corridor is open, and trains are moving, they’re just moving at slower speeds through some areas, which has caused some delays to all traffic on the corridor.”


by Tori Stafford