Stable release Wine 5.0 is now available.

Wine, in a nutshell, lets Linux and Mac users run many Windows applications on their devices. It is great for users who switched to Linux or Mac OS X but want or need access to certain programs.

The development team notes that “most modules” have been built in the Portable Executable (PE) format in Wine 5.0. The process is still ongoing and the team will make more modules available in the format in future versions of the application. One core benefit of using PE is that it helps when programs use copy protection schemes that “check that the on-disk and in-memory contents of system modules are identical”.

Support for multiple display adapters and monitors has improved in the new Wine version including support for dynamic configuration changes. The Vulkan driver was updated and the WindowsCodecs library is now able to convert more bitmap formats.

Direct3D support has been improved in Wine 5.0 as well. Users may now use Alt-Enter to switch between full and windowed mode when running DXGI applications, and Direct3D 12 features such as scaled presents and swap intervals has been added to the list of supported features.