Over 300,000 refund requests on the first day of Steam Summer Sale

Valve launched its 2017 Steam Summer Sale on June 26 and interest in it is enormous. Also, it appears that PC gamers are not very well aware of what they are buying or purely and just the Steam catalog is full of junk after just over the first day, more than 300,000 cashback requests have been registered after purchases.

Typically, there are about 75,000 such requests a day, but the leap here is obvious. In the next days of the sale, the number of claims for money reimbursement remains high and does not fall below 250,000.

Steam has a huge number of indie games that are under all criticism as qualities and value, but Valve’s lack of control allows them to flood the market. In this sense, Steam resembles the Google Play Store, where 99 percent of the games are digital misunderstandings created without any skills or understanding.

For comparison, console platforms such as PSN and XBLA have quality control and play there can only be issued with Sony and Microsoft authorization and verification. Although this does not guarantee that there will be no weak titles, the average level is considerably higher and games without value are not allowed.