New Power Supply standard to launch this year (Intel ATX12VO)

The biggest change to PC power supply design since 1995 – Intel’s new ‘ATX12VO’ platform – will launch this year.
The new ATX12VO (the ‘O’ stands for ‘only’) platform completely redesigns PC power as we know it. Intel has removed the 3.3V and 5V rails, so the PSU will only provide 12V power to the motherboard, graphics cards, storage or other internal peripherals.

Meanwhile, the 24-pin ATX connector is being replaced by a new 10-pin connector, and the EPS connector that goes near the CPU socket will only be optional. Even the 5VSB (standby) rail, used by devices such as USB peripherals in order to remain powered, will be replaced with 12VSB (although the USB output will remain at 5V).