Mozilla Thunderbird 52.2.1 Final

Mozilla Thunderbird is a mail client that is developed by the Mozilla Foundation alongside the popular Mozilla Firefox browser and is a great addition to it. It is secure and fast, has a spam filter, supports IMAP / POP, SMTP, NNTP (newsgroups) protocols; Supports encryption and signature.

If you like Tabbed Browsing in Firefox’s, you’ll also love tabbed mail. You can load different letters in different tabs and easily transfer from one to the other. Mail in tabs makes it easier for you to check in different letters when you need it. For ease of use, the tabs allow you to keep multiple emails open at the same time.

Double-clicking or pressing enter now opens the current letter in a new tabbed window. Right-click messages or folders open them in a background tab.

When exiting Thunderbird, the visible tabs are saved and restored when the next Thunderbird is opened. There is also a Tab menu on the Tabs toolbar to help you switch between them.

With Personnel, light “skins” you can change the image of your Thunderbird instantly. There are hundreds of variants of all kinds available. You can also choose from multiple themes that transform the entire set of icons into Thunderbird.

Thunderbird offers in-depth support for your privacy as well as protection from external images. To ensure your privacy, Thunderbird automatically blocks external images from letters.

Thunderbird keeps you from letters trying to deceive you in order to get personal and confidential information from you and warns you when a letter is a potential scam. As additional protection, Thunderbird warns you when you click on a link that is trying to take you to a different location than the one mentioned in the message.

Thunderbird Search Tools contain filtering features and chronology to help find the right letter. Thunderbird also indexes all your emails, which significantly speeds the search. The search results are shown in the Tab so you can easily handle them and other letters.

It’s best to use Thunderbird with free mail supporting POP and SMTP, such as GMail. License: Free (Open-Source).