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Microsoft raises from the dead Windows XP

In an unprecedented move, Microsoft decides to continue the artificial life of Windows XP, promising to deliver important security updates, we learn from Windows Central.

The company has already broken its promise to abandon support for 16-year software when, as a result of US National Security Agency (ANS) online hacking tools, unknown cybercriminals have taken advantage of free access to them to spread several malicious programs, Including a Battle Miner, a Trojan program, and a Ranuncher. And this was accomplished with just two of the ANS instruments, which are dozens.

So, those of Redmond’s customers who have stayed in the past will get support, which was reflected in a post in one of Microsoft’s blogs.

The exact reason for the decision is not quite clear, but the official version is that this is done to combat complex threats by state-run hacking groups.

“In the review of the updates coming out this month, some vulnerabilities were identified as posing a higher risk of cyber attacks by governmental organizations, sometimes referred to as” actors connecting with nation states. ” In order to address these risks, today we provide additional updates to our regular Update Tuesday program. These updates will be available to all our users, including those using old versions of Windows. Because of the risk of destroying cyber attacks at this time, we are making this decision because imposing these updates provides additional protection against potential attacks with features similar to WannaCrypt, “the company said.

If we have to rehearse a bit, the June update package will block such a big hole that SMBv1 will be like a kid’s game. Who knows?! Sure, those of you who are still standing with the good old XP or Vista, should immediately turn on auto-update if they do not want to get into the news.