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Linux Mint 19.2 is Now Available to Download

Linux Mint team announced the release of Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon with significant improvements and feature additions.

What matters the most is that Linux Mint 19.2 is also a Long Term Support release which will be supported till 2023. The new version includes updated software and lot of improvements along with added features.

Now, you can easily manage kernel updates from the update manager like never before. You get to know how long the kernels are supported. It is also possible to install/remove multiple kernels in a single queue.
A new tab was added to the System Tools window – “System Information” – which will come in handy for users to easily copy/paste their configuration onto a forum to seek support.
With Linux 19.2, the performance has greatly improved due to optimizations done in the window manager. Their aim was to reduce the input lag and make it feel smoother.