Linux 4.20 Kernel Release

Just in time for Christmas, Linus Torvalds officially announced the general availability of the Linux 4.20 kernel on Dec. 23.

The Linux 4.20 kernel is the sixth and final major new Linux kernel release of 2018, which was a year of innovation and challenge for Linux. The Linux 4.20 kernel adds new hardware support and performance improvements, that boost the open source server operating system’s capabilities.

Linux 4.20 Features

Among the many new capabilities added in Linux 4.20 is new hardware support for multiple processor architectures. For x86, support has been added for the Hygon Dhyana Family 18h. Support of the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 825 SoC that is used in both mobile phones and laptops, has also been added.

There is also a new feature that will enable the DNS resolver in Linux to retrieve a server set of multiple addresses.

Linux 4.20 also introduces code that could make encrypted network connections run faster, thanks to support for async encryption of records for performance in TLS. In his commit message, Linux kernel developer Vakul Garg explained that the way TLS encryption generally works in Linux today is that records are encrypted & transmitted serially.