GTA Online started trading with weapons

Rockstar Games introduced the giant update Gunrunning for Grand Theft Auto Online. PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are available.

The new update offers gamers to become weapon barons in the Los Santos and Blaine districts. The player can buy a bunker, which is used as an underground bastion, from where they run their business. In order to fulfill another mission, the player must become a boss, a boss or president of a motorcycle. For the expansion of the activity, a command center can be built into the hopper.

The Warstock Cache and Carry catalog offers huge vehicles – real massive castles that can be modified. The weapon can not only be bought and sold, but also to develop new weapons from the scientists.

The new addition adds six very well-armed vehicles to GTA Online: the armored vehicle, the bulletproof Dune FAV, the Half-Track heavy duty, the jet-jet, the Tampa, and the Air Defense Transporter.