Cory Barlog for the openworld of God of War

The next God of War looks impressive on all the benchmarks. The game will be different from the other series in the series not only because of the great look. It will have a complex story, Kratos will go north, the perspective of the camera changes, and for the first time we will see a companion – his son. But for many the open world will be the greatest dignity of GoW. To find out more about him, VentureBeat meets the creative director of the game Cory Barlog.

Barlower says the open world plays a really important role in the game. “This is not an open world in the traditional sense that you will have all these side missions and the like. Rather, it’s a huge world and you have a purpose that walks around it, but there is always something, something in the distance that draws your eye. Our idea is to reward the curious that they are looking to reach the unknown. We will never kidnap them from the main goal, causing them to do something they do not want, “explains Barlog. It’s more about something like, “I’m interested. What is it there? ” The idea that you see a cave in the distance goes and you go in and out of her hole to get to a whole new level you have not seen and did not think it was there. ”

“The story itself opens the world as the game progresses. We have approached this strategy to guide the player in the beginning, and then give him freedom, discovering the world more and more. You have these layers everywhere. Every time you reach an important stage in the game, you find that there is more to research, more than this world than you might have imagined. That, I think, is very gratifying to the player, “he says.