Angry gamers collapsed rating of GTA V in Steam

The Grand Theft Auto V publisher, Take-Two last week, has begun the creators of the game to remove the popular Open IV software to create mods for the game.

According to Take-Two, this program violates the safety and rights of the company. Rockstar developers have complied with the requirement, but the indignation of the gamers was infinite and they clearly expressed their views on Steam.

In just one week, the game’s rating fell to 66% positive reviews. A similar level rating speaks of mixed impressions of the game and protects gamers from a spontaneous and potentially bad purchase. All recent reviews in GTA V are extremely negative. Out of 43,000 reviews, 88% are negative. Gamers have never really wanted to buy Games of Take-Two in their lifetime.

OpenIV is an amateur tool for adding modifications to the game GTA V, which has been in existence for 10 years, adding new scenarios in single mode.

Some analysts believe that Take-Two is thus clearing space for GTA Online, which brings the lion’s share of profits. And the monsters just distract gamers with their modifications that give interesting storylines in single mode and add a lot of freshness to GTA V.