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All WordPress employees from San Francisco moved to a remote workspace

The creator of WordPress, Automattic, will no longer spend financial resources to maintain an office in San Francisco.

Most of the company’s employees prefer to work in their homes, in cafes or anywhere, except in the office itself. That is why Automattic’s General Manager Matt Müllebeng decided to optimize costs.

This solution is not unexpected, as all the necessary conditions for home office work have already been created.

Interestingly, employees’ salaries have increased, as much of the money for rental and office maintenance is paid for wages, and all meetings are online, with working issues being discussed in the chat.

Plus, the company is giving $ 250 a month to work together, special sums are provided when someone makes their own office at home. Automattic has announced that it will also pay air tickets if a direct meeting is required. For this company, it is quite typical for the interviews and pre-appointments to become online.

Automattic has a staff of 550 employees, with only 30 of them living in the Silicon Valley. The remaining staff is scattered in 50 countries around the world.

It seems that this way of working has a very good impact on the company and it not only cuts costs but also seeks new sources of income: on May 16 this year Automattic entered the TV advertising market.